Friday, March 18, 2016

Skirts of the Earth ~ Andrea Walker, Katie Tuma and Benjamin Edwards ~ From The Eyes of March 2014

Here's where we pause for a moment to enjoy some exceptional art from The Eyes of March 2014.  Photographer Benjamin Edwards, Makeup Artist Katie Tuma, and Dress Maker Andrea Walker conspired to create this dazzling visual masterpiece.

"Skirts of the Earth" - Benjamin Edwards (Photography), Katie Tuma (Model, Hair & Makeup) and Andrea Walker (Dress Design)

We see evil; it rages dark and raw and angry. But within us exists a beauty deep and glorious and the Spirit of power to defeat the darkness. We have the opportunity to stand against evil, to grab hold the skirts of the earth that we might shake the evil from it. (Ref: Job 38:12-13)

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