Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Peace in Context ~ Esther Watson

"Peace in Context"- Esther Watson
9x12 ink on paper

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For me, this piece is about what cannot be seen – what is outside the frame.
 The first time I saw a wheat field, it stretched away to the mountains, rustling under the barest hint of a breeze.  It was a beautiful view. However, being there with friends, the excitement of being on a road trip together hanging in the air, was what brought the sense of peace home.
 During its creation, the drawing traveled with me.  I worked on it while I listened to the Bible being read and while I visited my parents.  It was finally completed in a close friends’ living room surrounded by people I consider my adopted family.
 And so, when I look at this image, the drawing itself is just a back drop or a symbol for a varied patchwork of people and places that God has graciously scattered in my life to help me, and hopefully others through me, create peace in life.

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