Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Twelve Reflections of Rorschach #1 ~ Erika Larson

"Twelve Reflections of Rorschach #1"- Erika Larson

For this piece, the Reflection is your translation of this Rorschach test and the reflections and interpretations of these individuals. The diversity of interpretations of this one image is so interesting. Please share what you see on the paper too!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Skirts of the Earth ~ Andrea Walker, Katie Tuma and Benjamin Edwards ~ From The Eyes of March 2014

Here's where we pause for a moment to enjoy some exceptional art from The Eyes of March 2014.  Photographer Benjamin Edwards, Makeup Artist Katie Tuma, and Dress Maker Andrea Walker conspired to create this dazzling visual masterpiece.

"Skirts of the Earth" - Benjamin Edwards (Photography), Katie Tuma (Model, Hair & Makeup) and Andrea Walker (Dress Design)

We see evil; it rages dark and raw and angry. But within us exists a beauty deep and glorious and the Spirit of power to defeat the darkness. We have the opportunity to stand against evil, to grab hold the skirts of the earth that we might shake the evil from it. (Ref: Job 38:12-13)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Peace in Context ~ Esther Watson

"Peace in Context"- Esther Watson
9x12 ink on paper

check out more art from Esther Watson at www.instagram.com/ewatart/

For me, this piece is about what cannot be seen – what is outside the frame.
 The first time I saw a wheat field, it stretched away to the mountains, rustling under the barest hint of a breeze.  It was a beautiful view. However, being there with friends, the excitement of being on a road trip together hanging in the air, was what brought the sense of peace home.
 During its creation, the drawing traveled with me.  I worked on it while I listened to the Bible being read and while I visited my parents.  It was finally completed in a close friends’ living room surrounded by people I consider my adopted family.
 And so, when I look at this image, the drawing itself is just a back drop or a symbol for a varied patchwork of people and places that God has graciously scattered in my life to help me, and hopefully others through me, create peace in life.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Eyes of March 2016 - Reflections...

Reflections - The Eyes of March 2016 
Do you need a creative outlet? Are you an artist at heart?  Enjoy being creative?  Submit artwork for this year's The Eyes of March for 2016!

This year's theme is: "reflections"   
We look forward to seeing how each artist interprets this theme for themselves.

To participate, simply email a .jpg of your piece(s) to eyes@theeyesofmarch.com with the following information:
  • Your Name as you would like it displayed on the website
  • The title of the piece/series
  • (optional) - The story behind or a description of the piece/series
  • (optional) - Artist Bio/Statement
  • (optional) - Link to your website/blog 
Contact eyes@theeyesofmarch.com with any questions.
Once your piece is submitted, sit back, relax and enjoy The Eyes of March show starting on March 15, 2016.