Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yarn Eyed ~ Christina Irene Niccum

"Yarn Eyed" - Crochet, wool and acrylic yarns - Christina Irene Niccum

I see beauty in yarn.

I see the possibilities for design and creativity that others see in paints or raw materials. In each and every skein, I see not only the various shades within the color, but the fiber type, the kind of drape and sheen it will create when worked into a fabric. If you study yarn long enough, you can almost see how it will feel before you even touch it, and if it's exceptional quality, it will surprise you.

When I see yarn, I see all the possibilities inside it. And that power and potential, to me, is fascinating and beautiful.

Christina Irene Niccum is a lover of all things arts and crafts, especially (as you can guess,) knitting and crocheting. This is possibly the strangest thing she has ever created with yarn, but it's up for debate. Her favorite projects are those with detailed cable designs. She lives in Bend with her husband and two kitties.

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