Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Weight of Seeing ~ Andrea Hamblen

“The Weight of Seeing” - Andrea Hamblen

The full meaning of this piece came to me when I saw a broken pair of sunglasses on our kitchen counter. I had been playing with the idea of what we see through our “lenses” as I carved out the music note, but kept feeling like there was something more that I wanted to say. The abandoned, dilapidated glasses inspired me to think beyond what I see to HOW I see. Are there things that break my usual way of seeing the world? Are there ways of seeing that hold me down? In this particular instance, music is something that tears away at my world view, changing my perception of life. As I methodically carved away at the piece of Juniper I was constantly meditating on the weight of seeing and would invite you to adventure into your own lens-breaking experiences.

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