Friday, March 14, 2014

Do You See? ~ Andrea Walker

"Do You See" - Andrea Walker

Do you see just another desert?
Arid, wind-weary, practically lifeless.
I see land pregnant with life, hiding places, magnificent texture,
You may see just another tree, brother to the one next to it.
I see a home, reaching its strong arms toward the endless sky, welcoming friends from afar.
You may see another boulder, another acre of flat, dull sand. I see a refuge from an enemy, a cleft of safety and comfort, a soft blanket in which to burrow.
You may see whatever you choose, unless you stopped amidst that busy, important moment and breathed deep; oxygen soaking blood cells, igniting the mind.
See what really lies within. Look long and hard with your soul.
What then, do you see?

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