Friday, February 28, 2014

And So It Begins - Again

I'm excited.
Why am I excited?  That's Simple. The first post of The Eyes of March 2014 is in the bag and scheduled to display at 5 am March 1.  That's tomorrow. March. Starts. Tomorrow.  A improbable fact to my mind as it seems like New Year's Eve 2012 was just yesterday.  But I digress.
The Eyes of March is all about encouraging professional and amateur artists alike to experiment with their craft and share the results - just for fun.  Last years' theme "only eyes for you" was great fun.  This year's theme, "in the eye of the beholder" has brought out a variety of new ideas and mediums - some of which may  or may not be visual.
And so, yet again a cadre of painters, photographers and visual (perhaps non visual) artists who have banded around the idea and accepted the challenge, went out into the world. Beginning tomorrow, it is a great privilege to present the results of these artist's work, one piece a day, during the month of March.
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Cheers to all, 
Esther Watson

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