Friday, March 15, 2013

"Whoo's Lookin' At You Kid" :: Ric Ergenbright

"Whoo's Lookin' At You Kid" - Ric Ergenbright

Three years ago we were fortunate to have a Great Horned Owl raise three kiddos on our property, and to watch them grow up and learn to fly. During that time I was able to use a long telephoto (and additional cropping) to concentrate all attention on the eyes, which was made the pictures so much more powerful than the overall scene. This was my favorite image from that time.

Ric Ergenbright has been a professional travel and landscape photographer for more than forty years, and has worked on assignment for National Geographic, Life Magazine, U.S. News, Audubon, Reader’s Digest, Outdoor Photographer, and many other publications. His image licensing clients include most major companies in the advertising, corporate and publishing spheres, from Apple and AT&T to Mercedes, Nike, and United Airlines. Three television shows have been produced about Ric’s work, and an exhibit of his Afghanistan images toured the United States Senate in 1986. He has received numerous prestigious awards for his photography, including the Nature’s Best Award, Pictures of the Year Award, and the Lowell Thomas Award; and he is one of only a handful of contemporary photographers represented in the National Geographic book and exhibit, Odyssey: The Art of Photography at National Geographic. His best-selling book, The Art of God: The Heavens & The Earth, received the Gold Medallion Award as the best Christian gift book of 2000, and is now in its eighth printing.

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