Monday, March 11, 2013

"Roots" :: Andrea Hamblen

"Roots" - Andrea Hamblen

This is an experimental piece I've done playing on the idea of our "lens" through which we view our world. Rather than just a lens, however, I believe we are shaped by much more than what we perceive and that our perception is formed by that in which it is rooted...experiences, emotions, genetics, etc. - a list that could encompass everything about our human existence. This piece in particular is up for interpretation by its viewer.

About Andrea Hamblen

I've got metal in my blood. Physically everyone has some sort of "metal" elements in their blood, of course, but when it comes to metal art, my passion for it began with appreciating my dad's uber skills in metal work. He had a job at a sheet metal company and I remember him taking me on a tour of the shop where most of his creations came to fruition. My favorite of his works is a gorgeous copper rose that he gave to my mom. In college I took a metals studio class and after having my professor walk in and say that one of my projects was "way over the top" I knew I was born to create with metal, just as my dad was.

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