Friday, March 1, 2013

"Blue Eyes" :: Ric Ergenbright

"Blue Eyes" - Ric Ergenbright

These are the irresistible eyes of our first Siamese, “Chao.” I say irresistible because he’d use them to get us up to feed him in the morning by simply standing overhead and staring at us intently until we woke up. Creepy.

Ric Ergenbright's photographic career has spanned nearly four decades and taken him to many of the earth's most exotic and remote locales. One national and two regional TV shows have been produced about Ric's work, and an exhibit of his images from pre-war Afghanistan toured the U.S. Senate in 1986.

He has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Nature's Best Photography Award, Pictures of the Year Award, and Lowell Thomas Award, and is one of the few contemporary photographers represented in the book and exhibit, Odyssey: The Art of Photography at National Geographic. His best-selling book, The Art of God: The Heavens & The Earth, won the ECPA Gold Medallion Award for the best Christian gift book of 2000, and is now in its sixth printing. Its sequel, The Image of God: The Glory of Man, was the 2005 runner-up, and his 2003 title, Think About These Things, also won the Gold. Ric is currently working on a major new title, Creation's Hope, for 2012 release.

As owner and president of Thru The Lens Tours, Ric was an early pioneer in photo travel workshops, and also founded one of the country's first specialty stock photo agencies.

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